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Your Ultimate Hospice Care Provider

When you or a loved one are faced with a terminal diagnosis or life-limiting illness, your focus shifts from seeking a cure to seeking greater quality of life.

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Our goal is to honor a patient’s choice to receive care in their own home or a homelike setting whenever possible; when managing a life-limiting illness at home is not possible, Community's Choice has established relationships with hospitals, nursing facilities, and assisted living communities throughout Southern California.


Routine home care is offered to patients who have a life-limiting illness but are not presently experiencing any acute crisis. This is the most frequently delivered level of hospice care. It is available to patients living at home, in an assisted living community, or in a nursing facility.
The diagnosis and needs of the patient determine the number of visits from hospice staff and the medications, supplies, and equipment provided. At this and every level of care, the patient has access to hospice staff members 24 hours a day.


Continuous Care is an advanced level of care aimed at providing additional support and assistance to the patient and loved ones during an especially difficult time. It is a more intensive level of care than routine home care and is furnished during brief periods of crisis so the patient can remain in the place of their choosing – thus avoiding the burdens that accompany repeated hospital visits.
Nurses and aides will provide care at the patient’s bedside in shifts for a minimum of eight hours and as much as 24 hours a day. The patient will be re-evaluated daily to assess the need for this level of care, as specific criteria must be met to offer Continuous Care.


Respite Care is provided for patients whose symptoms are controlled but whose caregiver requires rest or a short-term absence.  Respite Care is provided in a licensed and contracted facility and is limited to five consecutive days.  Respite Care can be provided more than once while under the care of hospice.


Inpatient care is provided for patients whose symptoms are uncontrolled and cannot be managed at home. It is available on a short-term basis at one of our hospice inpatient centers but can also be provided in contracted hospitals and nursing facilities. Once symptoms are controlled and maintained, our staff will assist the patient with returning home or with placement in a partner facility.

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